Lion Hound Training

I hide it, the pups find it and I let them know they are the greatest pups ever!

This is raw lion hide

Watch for some of these pups to be for sale around 1/2018 as started dogs.

They are 11 weeks in these shots. I will try and update pictures once a month.

I'm making a dvd as they grow and learn.

All the boys were neutered Monday 11/28/16 at 17 weeks.

Puppies are now 13 weeks old and coming when called on a lead. E Collars worn but turned off next week. Then introduced to them in the week of 15-16

The pups will start their modified narcotic dog training this week. Dec.1/2016

This was the 4th grey fox they had seen. They did not trail on this one, but had on the two before. They have not seen a good lion track yet.

‚ÄčIn the close up photo, dogs on the far left and right are pups. In the other two the small ticked dog and the ones mostly or all black, are pups.

‚ÄčThe pups are 22 weeks in the following  photos