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A short but exciting clip of Rosie on the rock with a lion!

To see the rest of Rosie's experience, download the New downloadable video, "Dave's Hunts" or order the DVD under the "DVD and Videos For Sale" tab


We offer Lion Hound Training and hounds for sale. Their training takes place in the dry arid conditions of Central Arizona


     A little about me, I didn’t discover this lion hunting until I was 34 but with in six months the addiction was well on its way of taking over my life. By 1992 I had fired my self three times from my small remodeling business for not showing up for work, I took a hard look at it and saw that lion hunting and working with the dogs was the niche I should fill. I walked away from construction in 93 been hunting full time since. Tried to guide for a couple years but my people skills and patience with hunters was lacking. I work well with the dogs enjoy their company, always have, so developed the business to where I only had to work with four legged clients.


     Here’s what I offer to you, I can give your dog the opportunity to see if it has any potential for lion hunting and if it already has some skills, I’ll help to develop them. I make him part of a pack of dry ground hounds that can catch a lion when it’s catchable. You owe it to your dog to give him a good start and the opportunity to learn. They learn nothing on the end of a chain in your back yard. 

 My only promise to you is your hound will hunt a minimum of 12 days a month and if and when it’s in shape up to 20. Can you hunt 12 days from your house for $400 at today's gas prices. I hunt an average of four days a week, this is all done on horseback in dry Arizona conditions, as you can see in the videos I sell this is rough country. Speaking of the videos they are made up from the report card videos I make and send to the owner clients so they can watch the progress of their hounds. I’m very fortunate I can hunt from my yard and have had lions kill deer in the yard twice, I have a wife who gets pleasure from seeing me happy and I’m happy watching the dogs learn. I may not be any more skilled then you at lion hunting but my life allows me to give your dog the time that most others just do not have to give.

If you send your dog for 60 days or more of hunting plan on spending at least a day here when you pick him up because I would like you to hunt for at least part of a day to see how he handles and what commands he has learned. [an Arizona hunting license is required.




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    Wouldn't you like your dog to have a chance to be part this type of action!




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